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Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the technology and the apprehension. >> reporter: from his 12th floor office, alameda county sheriff greg ahern has a bird's- eye view of oakland's lake merritt. and that's a useful view it have when trouble is breaking out, as well. so for that reason -- >> started looking into the potential usage of a drone within alameda county sheriff's office. >> reporter: the sheriff's office used to have a helicopter. but it became too expensive. so now they're considering buying one of the new generation of camera-equipped drones being market to law enforcement. they can be assembled from the trunk of a car and give an instant aerial view to police. sheriff ahern says it would only be used in emergencies. >> simply deployed in a tactical situation when the people on the ground thought it would be beneficial to have an aerial view of what was happening. >> reporter: but the public has mixed feelings about the miniature spy planes. >> you have to weigh the positive and the negatives. will they spy or help solve crimes? >> i welcome it especially in oakland. >> kind of messed up spying l
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
their certainly service sets them apart from the rest in an industry dominated by technology they personally verify each driveway. the key they believe to success. >> you already have a reservation for tomorrow, too, right? >> yes. >> great. good. >> reporter: now, there is still time to rent out your driveway and parking spots are filling up fast. you want to make a reservation if you are looking for one. driveway owners should remember, that you are responsible for paying income tax on anything you earn. and driveway renters, you should remember you do have to abide by city laws so no locking sidewalks or any of those curb cutouts. >> have to remember all those little details. >> income tax? >> look out. >> what was that? >> income tax. who would have thought. >> only if you make a certain amount. >> whew. >> thank you. >>> record high gas prices at the pump throughout california. what drivers are saying and when these prices may finally begin to come down. i'll have that story just ahead. >> this place lives or if you want your kids to have a good future. >> why one particular
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2